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University end of year, summer holiday storage is for 5 items (e.g. 1 suitcase, 3 boxes, 1 laundry bag) for the end of year, Christmas holiday period to the start of university. Additional items can be stored for a cost of $22 per item.


COVID Storage from February 2020 is charged at $99 for each additional month (extra Xmas $229) until items are collected.

University End of Year Holiday Storage

    • Desk fans are free to store but must be labelled.
    • If additional services are required eg. storage of another set of laundry or an extra suitcase it will be $22 per item. SCS can store cricket bags, musical instruments, bikes etc at an additional cost.
    • Collapsible crates are for sale from SCS. The crate can fit under students’ beds and will last the entire time at boarding school/university. See storage products section to order.
    • Economy packages are valid for 12 months and for 3 items per student.
    • Economy packages include a complimentary laundry bag that will be provided to all students.
    • Packages apply to all students local, regional and international.
    • All items are labelled identifying student and tracking items.
    • All items are picked up on a nominated date and location of the school and returned at the beginning of school term.
    • Each student will pack their own belongings.
    • SCS will collect nominated items eg. 1 suitcase, 1 box or SCS collapsible crate and 1 single linen bag (storage for all bed linen).
    • Courier costs apply to transfers from school to university.
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