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SCS solves the student storage nightmare

By storing student belongings securely offsite, SCS gives space back to schools, allowing them to let the boarding house over the holiday period without a major clean-up operation and exposing the school to the risk and insurance issues in leaving student belongings onsite. Items are housed in collapsible crates and cartons and are collected at the end of term and returned ready for the start of the next. SCS storage management is a seamless process that is greatly valued by parents, as it ensures boarding life is made easier for everyone.

Contact SCS to find out how we can assist your school, or download our School Holiday Storage & Product Packages rate card.

How do schools benefit from using the service?


  • Safe and secure option for the school

  • Opening up options to the school for the use of facilities on holiday breaks

  • Reducing the risk of storing students personal belongings when not on premises

  • Giving staff back their time

  • Providing families with a stress-free and practical option

How do families benefit from the school offering the service?


  • Saving family time, money and stress

  • Safety and security of student’s personal belongings

  • Insurance

  • Access to items if required

  • Adding value to the families experience at the school 

  • Hassle free for the student travelling home

  • Dry cleaning service for bed linen/uniforms and storage

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